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The ABC’s of the Real Treat!

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Nourishing Young Minds to Eat Good Food

“The ABC’s of the Real Treat! was created as a take-home gift for kindergarteners in 2004. Knowing that I was conscious of healthy eating, my daughter’s kindergarten teacher asked if I would be interested in doing a little talk to her class for Nutrition Month (March). I agreed but when I began to think, “what can I do to teach 5 year olds about nutrition?” I came up blank! I looked for inspiration elsewhere and said to myself, “I’m sure someone has done something to teach young children about healhty eating!”.

After brainstorming and visualizing what others might do, I decided to take them on a picnic! I had a large basket, and planned to fill it with fruits and vegtables. I located a red and white table cloth, plates, toothpicks, and lots of napkins for The ABC’s Picnic.

Prior to this, I began to write this book that lay dormant in my computer waiting to find a word to rhyme with “spinach”. I thought, how wonderful it would be to complete this little book to present as a gift to every young person to show Mom and Dad!

Then, I found pictures of real fruits and vegetables and created a slideshow to present at the picnic. Everything was almost done! But one thing remained missing: Sound. I decided to create the presentation based on the 5 senses and the sound of crunchy vegetables was okay, but it needed something more. I came up with the effects of bird song to play in the background of the ABC’s Slideshow of our indoor picnic!

When the day came to present, I asked the vice principal, if I could photo copy the booklet for each student. Amazed at my creation, she suggested I get it published. “There is nothing like this out there!” I said, “well, if you think it’s good enough for this presentation, I will have to figure out a way to get it to all kids in the province.” And so, the venture began.

In 2007, with funding from the Sisters of Mercy and Presentation, distribution help from Aliant Pioneers and many friends and family members, 15,000 books went into the hands of every 5-7 year old in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador for Earth Day. With the help of Sally LeDrew of Sally LeDrew Photography, taking all of the photographs of food, Neil Conway a local musician, recording the bird songs of Newfoundland and Labrador, and Kim Todd, founder of Guide to the Good, who edited The ABC’s Facilitator’s Guide for teachers to use in the classroom and conduct this fun program, all was set!

Since then, several picnics have been presented, and this experiential program has been recognized by educators across the country of Canada.

Set in a rhyming pattern, with “Sam” the happy face, and colourful real photos of fresh food, The ABC’s of the Real Treat! is fun while learning about fruits and vegetables from A to Z. A colouring page is on the back cover for kids to create their own basket too!”


Samantha Gerbeau – Author of The ABC’s of the Real Treat!

The ABC’s of the Real Treat! eBOOK Fun for all ages!!!

The ABC’s of the Real Treat! is a 32 page full colour book set in a fun rhyming pattern, showcasing fruits, vegetables and fresh food from around the world. Available now when you purchase the PDF or ePUB file.

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