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Samantha Gerbeau

Samantha Gerbeau, author and designer of children’s educational program, The ABC’s of the Real Treat!  an A to Z food book written to enlighten all ages of the world of fresh food was published and distributed for Earth Day 2007.   Ms. Gerbeau wrote her children’s book, the same year, 2004, providing the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador with a health care proposal, hence her organization’s name: Newfoundcare. 

Newfoundcare stands for Newfoundland and Labrador Communications, Analysis, Research and Evaluation.  Since then, it has evolved into a business coaching service for clients who are also looking to promote best business practices. Her extensive research combines organizational behaviour, communications, social responsibility and attributes to her broad-base facilitation and strategic planning.

As a business advocate, eco-health promoter and a coach/trainer, Ms. Gerbeau has worked for Fortune 500 companies to small family businesses inspiring leadership and communication. Combined,  her education in tourism and public relations, and travel experiences, plus her community involvement have influenced her work with the City of St. John’s, Kids Eat Smart Foundation and Chrysler Canada.

Samantha has worked as an independent researcher/writer for over 20 years.  Exploring innovative ways towards a healthier planet she focuses on best business practices.  Her insight on natural energy from food to fuel to social behaviour plus her keen insight provides the value of how these affect an overall business operation.

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